ConneXion a New Event and Concept

I am always searching for ways to share what I love with people: food, practice, nature, connection. I strive to create experiences that bring it all together. Introducing:

Connexion Draft 1.png

This event has been in my mind for a long time, if I am honest with myself, YEARS!

I’m so pleased to be launching this inaugural event of ConneXion, with friend, local chef, sister, Eva Kuisine.

Come and relax for an evening of delicious food, meditative practice and some time around the fire. This mini-retreat of an afternoon and evening will bring you out of your everyday, and invite you to play! Our aim is to nourish you - mind, body, and spirit.

4 pm Welcome tea

4 :30 pm Forest Walk

5 pm Meditation

6 pm Apero

6:30 pm Dinner

8 pm Campfire Ceremony

Bring your own wine if you would like. Your meal, and all non-acoholic beverages are included.

Rivkah is a wellness coach, yoga teacher, and experience architect. She helps people live happier healthier lives through connecting to nature and their own selves.

Eva is a chef, mother, part-time witch and bee-keeper.

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