Free Weekly Planning Tool

Are you a planner? I certainly am. I need to practice not planning . I developed this great planning tool as a way of managing my time, and making sure I make time for what is really important to me.

How to use the planner:

  1. Set your top 5 goals for the week. These can be anything from Spend time with Mom, Go through closet, Finish homework, or Eat healthy.

  2. Set your intention/ mantra for the week, and add it to the planner. Mantras are simple statements you work with by repeating them. Example mantras I like are:

    “I am rooted, and I flow”

    “Inhale peace, exhale stress”

    “What if this was fun?”

  3. Fill in the details likes the month and date.

  4. Fill the calendar with whatever makes a part of your regular routine. EG Work at the office. Drop off / pick up kids, Teach Class. If you manage your own time at work, pause here to make a work goals list. Set out time in your work week to accomplish these goals.

  5. Plan your meals. This helps with your shopping, and recipe research. Maybe indicate who is making dinner that night, you, your partner, or UBER EATS.

  6. I try to set my wake, sleep, and meal times, since your body loves a routine. It helps digestion, sleep patterns and your immune system.

  7. Schedule times for meditation, fitness, walks in the woods, reading, art making. Whatever you want more of in your life, make more room for it on your calendar.

  8. Post your calendar somewhere you see it every day. I like putting it on my fridge. ;)

Enjoy my planner, and let me know what you think! Share your posts on social media and tag me :D

Image source: Unsplash

Image source: Unsplash

Rivkah Sherman