A Retreat or Experience


Maybe this is your first retreat, and you need someone to help

guide the planning and execution of your retreat. 

Maybe you've done this a few times, you are growing, and you need some support. 


Consulting and Creation: its time to dream.


This is a 2 hour coaching meets consulting session, totally dedicated to you and the vision you have for for event, whether it be a yoga retreat, guest experience, meeting, or training. This is the best of me in a nutshell, skills and purpose rolled into one. I’m your source for ideas, inspiration, motivation and the workings of a plan. You’ll leave this session with a clear vision of what you want to offer and the next steps towards getting there.


Preparation and Planning:

you have the idea, now it’s time to build the plan.


Here is what I can do for you:

  • source venues and suppliers
  • create a budget 
  • create schedule and welcome kit
  • create marketing plan and schedule 
  • organize agreements, policies, procedures and payments
  • collect participant information 
  • offer participant assistance and support 
  • celebrate successes
  • manage challenges

Experience Execution

  • on-site arrival and departure of guests
  • welcome gifts for your participants
  • liaison with venue and suppliers
  • assist guest on-site
  • troubleshooting 

Reflection and Repetition

  • collect feedback and reviews
  • produce a retreat report including profit, loss, what went well, what could be improved
  • help you create more profit and prolong the experience for your guests/ clients
  • (only available in conjunction with one of my other services) 



You are unique and amazing, and so are your needs. I design packages and proposals that are unique to each client, and this gives you an idea. Think this is too much or too little? Write to me - I LOVE your feedback. 


Coaching + Consult


$250 for 2 hours. Credited towards your package if we decide to move forward on retainer. 



Preparation and Planning


$100/month* + 5% of gross event profit**

the details: 

*$1000 minimum commitment :

This includes the Coach + Consult and Reflection portion of my services.

I’ve designed this package based on a 10 month roll-out cycle. 

If you are less than 10, months to your event, I will ask that you pay the months we haven’t worked together up front so we can fast track and do the work to make up for them. The work for your event goes in a bit of a cycle, lots of work to set up and launch, a bit of a lull, and then lots of work getting everyone organized leading up to the time. I’ve tried to put together a package that takes that into account and honours both my time and your reality. 

If you are already well on your way to planning let’s talk and I can design a custom package for you. 



I'm present on site to make sure everything goes smoothly and you are supported every step of the way. $1000 per week, transportation and accommodation not included. 




Gross profit what? Yeah, that’s why I want to help you! 

Basically, if you are hosting 15 people at $2000 each, your budget would look like this:

Gross Retreat Profit: $ 30 000

Retreat Costs: $ 16 500

What you are paying me: $1000 + $1500 = $2500

Your profit: $11 000 

Find out why I'm worth $250/ month!  (link to testimonials)