Who I work with:


I work with individuals, students, young professionals and entrepreneurs who want to engage more skillfully in their lives.

I work with leaders and teachers who have a powerful message they need to share. 

I work with companies and organizations who want to offer their clients and employees and amazing experience. 

I work with beautiful, unique, perfectly-imperfect beings of all kinds.




What I ask for from my clients:



open heart that is willing to do the work and communicate clearly about their needs and desires



Understanding that everyone is perfect, human, and doing their best and that our experiences of the world are highly SUBJective



TRUST that everything I am doing is out of love and a desire to help you, see
point 1


For coaching clients, see coaching agreement .

For retreats and classes see participant agreement. 

For planning and hosting see co-creation agreement. 


What my clients are saying: 

Having Rivkah as a coach has been quite the gift. I am amazed by the depths we explore, by the ease and natural flow of each conversation and, surprisingly, by the level of connection and trust we have created using a phone. Her presence has helped open up spaces within that continue of offer valuable teachings. I have been coached many times before and it is very clear that Rivkah is a natural. 

— Scott Simons, Scott Simons Inc, Montreal
Coaching is like a soothing balm for my soul.
— Catherine, Mont-Tremblant
Rivkah is the best retreat assistant ever! 
— Dana Regan, Somatic Soul Coach School, New York
Rivkah understands your project vision and seamlessly knows how to execute. My entire team loved the experience.
— Jasmine, Mountain Management of Breckenridge, Colorado