Life Coaching

Why coaching?

Life coaching is a tool to skilfully engage with the life you are living while creating the life you have always dreamed of. 
Small shifts lead to huge results. 

Who is coaching for? 

Anyone who wants to make a change in their lives and doesn't know where to start. Anyone who has everything they want but still feel something is missing. Anyone who wants to feel more alive, awake, and fully present in their experience of being human. 

Where does coaching happen?

I do most of my sessions over the phone. All you need is a hands free device, a private space and a topic. 

I did one intro session with Rivkah and was sold on its virtues. She helped me to re-frame certain situations in my life in a new way and enabled me to look at them objectively. In turn, these situations became much less intimidating and even became opportunities for me to grow in various areas of my life rather than sources of anxiety.
I highly recommend coaching for anyone, as this can help with any transition, crossroad, or simply to take a fresh look at your life.
— Elysa, New York

retreat coaching

Ready to host a retreat, but not sure where to start?  I do!