32 Things I've Learned in 32 Years

As I age (and I know some of you reading this will laugh and say how young I am, and others will read it and wonder how I got so old!),I do feel time passing more quickly, and birthdays sadly become a bit less exciting. Birthday parties tend to be smaller, and my Gremlins come out in full force around this time. “Gremlins,” bring the parts of me that whisper “you should be doing this, you should have that by now, why aren’t you here yet?. And that’s ok. I am learning to invite them to the party, offer them a drink, and hear what they have to say. In an attempt to respond constructively to the Gremlins, and to make meaning out of time passing, I’ve created this list: 

Here, in no particular order are 32 things I’ve learned in 32 years:

  1. I prefer to regret doing something, than regret not doing something.

  2. Asking for what I want, politely, is a good strategy for getting what I want. 

  3. My expectations are nobody’s problem, but my own. 

  4. Time in and around Nature, in silence, is vital to by well-being. 

  5. Practice really does work… if I practice. 

  6. Being nice, kind, and sweet generally works better than being mean. 

  7. Being firm, and outlining boundaries can be done with kindness. 

  8. The only opinion that really matters is my own. 

  9. I do create my own reality, by choosing my thoughts, my words, and my actions consistently. 

  10. I love my body, and it loves me too. It’s longing for attention, affection, and nourishment. 

  11. Animals have pure souls and spending time with them is healing. 

  12. Accepting that my parents are humans, who did their best, and forgiving them, is important for my own health and wellness, and will improve my relationships with the children I hope to have one day. 

  13. My orgasms, my pleasure, and my overall sexual health are my responsibility. (See #2) 

  14. Sex, pleasure, my body, and generally things that make me feel good are a good idea, and they are fun to share (as long as I am not hurting anyone else in the process).

  15. Cleanliness (mind, body, spirit, and home), curiosity, and kindness are the sexiest qualities.

  16. Our experiences of the world are highly subjective.

  17. Don’t underestimate others’ ability to know what you are feeling, even when they don’t know they know- they know. We are all connected in this way.

  18. Money alone is never a good enough reason.

  19. What someone else thinks is never a good enough reason.

  20. Age really is just a number. We all have different levels of experience in different areas.

  21. Water is everything. Drinking it, bathing in it, watching it, paddling on it, swimming through it… Protect it and embrace it whenever possible.

  22. Embrace your fear - it’s totally worth it. I could write an entire post on this one alone!

  23. Self love might be a craze, and it’s totally legit. From bubble baths and facemasks, to accepting, and loving who you are in this moment, to choosing yourself and your time, energy, and health - its all legit, and it’s important. 

  24. Languages are like superpowers - learn as many as you can because communication is the highest currency. 

  25. Surround yourself with people who genuinely like, love, and respect you. This looks like people who honour their commitments, are nice to you, celebrate your successes and call you on your shit when necessary. 

  26. Beauty is an inside job. It comes from what you eat, think, and feel. 

  27. Nature provides most of what you need. DIY beauty regimes, (a whole other blog post could be here, too) are the BEST, and they are cheap.Don’t buy crap you don’t need. 

  28. Sex is fun, when its healthy, consensual, and responsible. 

  29. Accept compliments, and soak them in.

  30. Accept and welcome feedback, generously, its a gift. 

  31. Live intentionally. Think - pray - meditate - self-observe - create. Dig deep for purpose, and move from there. It makes for a richer, more meaningful, and more fun life. 

  32. Trust. Really. Trust your own intuition. Your gut feeling. It is the divine guiding you. Trust that it’s right. If you can’t feel it, shut up, sober up, and listen.

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Birthday to me!