Mindful May


This month, I’m feeling a combination of a resurgence of energy, and a desire to shed: shed stuff, shed dirt with spring cleaning, shed the extra pounds of winter weight. I have a feeling I’m not the only one.

I'm creating a challenge for myself:  #minimalmay – devoting a month to living as minimally as possible, and asking myself “how little can I spend”?  

Now, I don’t believe in denying myself… if you know me, you know this. 

So my driving force this month will be, how little can I spend and still live life to the fullest?

If you are interested in joining me, tag posts with the hashtag #minimalmay. Comment here, e-mail me, and share any and all tips for how you live minimally, this month or all the time. Share your favourite money-saving-while-fully-living techniques.

General ideas on how to live #minimalmay

1- Get creative! Whether it's cooking or making art, your creativity is required. 

2- Track your daily spend (keep track of how much you spend every day. Share it – if you’re too shy, then ask yourself why?

3-Prepare! I find I often have to spend useless cash if I didn’t plan accordingly

4-Swap, barter, trade. Look into your community and see how you can exchange time and goods to avoid procuring more

5-Find different ways to treat yourself, that are completely free. Do the same for your loved ones. You know what’s free? Your time. Your attention. Your body, your soul, and the people who love you, that’s all they want. YOU.

Besides saving money, #minimalmay invites to use less stuff, use our imaginations more, and probably spend more time with people!


Guiding questions for Minimal May

 Do I really need to spend this?


Is this expense really helping me live my fullest life?


Could I do it for less?