10 things you can do with your friends for free (or almost)

Free or less than $5 entertainment:

  • Going for walks, hikes, or runs with friends. This is one of my favourite passtimes – bonus points that you are working out.  I like the term ‘stacking your life’ – doing two things you feel you need to do at the same time
  • ARTS AND CRAFTS. Gosh, need I say more? I wish I had kids to do arts and crafts with. If you have kids, bring  them over, and I’ll do arts and crafts with them . I happen to have a ridiculous supply of arts and crafts stuff (everything from construction paper to paints to beads). You can do all sorts of fun crafts with the stuff you have lying around, or $5 at the dollar store.
  • Home spa night. When I first wrote this, my favourite indulgence was getting my nails done. Part of the fun of that experience is taking the time out for me, soaking my feet and hands, painting bright colours, and spending time with other women. Whether you are into nail polish or not, you can organize a fun spa night with friends. Bring your massage balls and rollers, and try my recipe for a DIY face mask. Paint each other’s nails, or just do your own. Swap colours, swap stories. Share a bottle of kombucha or wine, and you’re still keeping this at less than $5 for a fun night.
  • Photoshoot! A lot of my friends are  entrepreneurs. We all need more photos of ourselves, our new babies, or our products. Why not get together and play? Try different settings,  bring different outfits, different cameras, and have a good giggle.
  • Garden. It’s spring! Chances are, you have a friend who really needs to garden, or you do. Find friends who want to do some gardening, and agree to spend equal amounts of time on each person’s garden. So fun! ( hint: I need a lot of garden help)
  • Clothing, jewelry and stuff swap. Like I previously mentioned, Spring is a great time to shed. Get rid of anything that does not serve you. Now. Stuff is karma. Plus it gives you space to acquire new stuff, for free! Sort through your wardrobe, kitchen, and cosmetics and get rid of anything you don’t use. Bring it to a friend’s house and trade away (note-careful not to bring garbage). Give the rest to charity.
  • Car wash! Ok this one is a bit weird, but think about it- what if you got together with friends and cleaned all of your cars? Find someone who has space, a hose, and a vacuum, on a sunny day… power through everyone’s car for nothing! Add a fun playlist and voila! 
  • Library. Amazon and books is actually another one of the places I like to indulge. I love surrounding myself with ideas, supporting the teachers who inspire me, and constantly gobbling more stories. When is the last time you went to a library? It’s actually like shopping, but for free.
  • Volunteer. Giving feels really good. Even better than spending money on yourself. Whether you are volunteering in a local community or volunteering to babysit for a friend, do something completely selfless and feel the goodness wash over you.
  • Jam - this could be a music jam, acro jam, or poetry reading! Whatever calls to you. I'm going to bet you have people in your life who want to express their creativity, they are just waiting for someone to organize it!

Have any other awesome free entertainment ideas? 

I’d love to hear them and try them out myself, so please share!!

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Rivkah Sherman