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About Me

Hi! I'm Rivkah.

I am committed to inspire you to live the life you dream of.  

My practice and mission is to engage more intimately with life.

Coaching, yoga and retreats are my tools. I offer one on one coaching sessions that help you dive deep into your purpose and mission and align that purpose with the particles (all the day to day details) that make up your life. I teach yoga classes designed to bring your attention inward and tune into your body and intuition. I organize retreats that invite you to pause, relax, and create space for the universe to offer its wisdom. 

I thrive on big picture possibility flourishing into reality. I have an eye for detail and envisioning where a project can be brought to, and the practical skills to get it there. I like learning people’s goals, and helping them make them happen. I adore creating and facilitating experiences that create space for people to connect more deeply to themselves. I think of it as coming home to oneself - anywhere and everywhere.  My coaching, my classes, my retreats - and MY LIFE foster a deep connection to the nature found within and around us.

Rivkah is my REAL name,  the one my mother gave me.

*Thanks mom! 

Rivkah is a hebrew form of Rebecca. It means to tie or to bind, aka UNION. (Yoga is often translated as union! Coincidence? Maybe.

Rachel is my middle name. And I love alliteration. 

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Look deep into nature and you will understand everything better
— John Muir


Definition of architect : a person who designs and guides a plan or undertaking
— Miriram Webster

What’s an Experience Architect? 

Through brainstorming and soul searching I finally figured out what I DO. As an Experience Architect, I co-create experiences that help people come home to themselves. Coaching, Retreats, and Yoga are the tools I use to do that. I believe everyone has superpowers. Mine is the ability to see possibilities. 

What does that mean?

  • On a coaching call, I help my clients see perspectives and beliefs they might not be aware of so they can consciously create the lives they want. 
  • During a yoga class, I create a safe and inspiring environment for people to connect to their bodies and breath.
  • Hosting retreats, I create an experience that nurtures your mind, body and soul - one that makes you feel safe, and pushes your boundaries, usually involving delicious food and a gorgeous natural setting - making sure you leave feeling ALIVE - AWAKE - AT HOME.
  • Consulting for retreats and wellness industry players, I provide a holistic view of the client experience, extensive knowledge of industry, awesome ideas, and support creating content, systems and processes to make your retreat go smoothly, and make you money.
Patience child, patience. Remember, life is a journey. If you got everything you wanted all at once there’d be no point to living. Enjoy the ride, and in the end you’ll see these ‘setbacks’ as giant leaps forward, only you couldn’t see the bigger picture in the moment. Remain calm, all is within reach; all you have to do is show up every day, stay true to your path and you will surely find the treasure you seek.”
— Jackson Kiddard