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Notes to myself on travel : Costa Rica / Nicaragua You do not need so much stuff! Your stuff might make you feel good, but you really don’t need it – we forget. Rahaysa! Travelling light allows you to be more flexible, move more easily. I regret having a heavy bag way more than anything I missed. Sunscreen I had to buy and it cost way too much! All you need is: 1 pair of pants for hiking / yoga 1-2 pairs of yoga capris 1 pair of yoga shorts […]

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Yoga and Happiness!

go I had such a wonderful time this weekend teaching a wonderful group of people at The Montreal Yoga Festival (YOCOMO). Although I was nervous about tackling such a big subject, I was pleased with the time experience we shared in class! I’m sharing here some of the principles we looked at. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any comments or questions! • My 3 main principles of happiness: o Set the tone Creating a space where it […]

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en iyi forex programı   These are just a few of the awesome photos we took on our Mountain AIR Hike in Tremblant a couple of weeks ago during Wanderlust Festival! Please send me any photos you have to share, diagnosis as well!    

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ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE From this article in the Huffington Post: The Harvard Grant Study, viagra 100mg led by psychiatrist George Vaillant, followed the life trajectories of 268 male students in order to answer life’s universal questions of growth, development, value and purpose. Vaillant considers the most meaningful finding of the study to be that a happy life revolves around loving relationships. He explained that there are two pillars of happiness: “One is love. The other is finding a way of coping with life that does […]

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If Dr. Seuss was a yogi

opzioni digitali con postepay (To Be Read In the Rhythm of “Green Eggs and Ham”.) Hello there, viagra 40mg Yogi! Namaste. Would you like to go to yoga today? No thank you, discount I am very tired I slept so poorly… was up late, sick wired. Ah, I see, but don’t you know? Yoga calms the senses, helps you let go. It reduces anxiety and stress Helps you quiet the mind and worry less. Yes, I know… But not today, I do not want […]

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Wanderlust Part 5: a quick trip home

Part time bar work medway “Nothing behind me, everything ahead of me, as is ever so on the road.” ― Jack Kerouac, On the Road     I’m not known for keeping things simple. And so it was that I drove, ferried and flew home to Ottawa for a week from Cortes Island to attend my brother’s long planned birthday and the long awaited Wanderlust Tremblant. Though slightly amusing, I won’t bore you with the details of the difficulties associated with coming and going from […]

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Day 37- Vancouver to Kelowna… and BACK? After Whistler I left for Kelowna, thinking I was going to head to Calgary and not really knowing what was going to happen after that. I few different options had presented themselves to me, and all that was left to do was pick. I left for Kelowna with a need to keep moving, and a knowing that a good friend waited for me there. I have been most fortunate on this journey to reconnect with the beautiful, powerful, courageous women […]

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Wanderlust Part 4- Whistler!

source I think I said at some point, under my breath, as I drove through the US, that though the American Rockies were beautiful, the Canadian ones are somehow, more so. It was a feeling that was justified, most especially on the heart-breakingly  scenic drive from Vancouver to Whistler. I’m sorry I didn’t snap any photos, but it just can’t be done justice. If you haven’t done this drive, add it to your bucket list. Definitely a sweet  perk to attending […]

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DAY 7- Copper Mountain, CO to Moab, UT I left Copper Mountain fulfilled, health stretched both physically and mentally, viagra buy and honestly quite eager to be on my own. It was beautiful to share Wanderlust with so many like-minded people, but part of this journey was to spend some time alone, and I needed to get on that. The scenery changed as I left the Rockies and drove into the desert. It was spectacular.  Rock formations jut out of the ground around me, dwarfing the car, and […]

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Thanks for having me Moriah! XOXO

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    Wanderlust Tremblant 2017
    I had a such a great time leading 4 workshops at Wanderlust Tremblant this August. Here are some photos from our hikes. If you came and journaled some of the...

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