Wanderlust Part 2 – Colorado and 1%3E1 The first day of Wanderlust was a bit difficult for me, I had a hard time adjusting to the altitude, and I felt headachey and sluggish. I was just in love with my cosy little room though, so I went to a few classes and rested up. Once I got into my groove, though, the days flew past in a blur. Highlights include (in no particular order): 1) Taking myself on a solo hike at the top of the mountain […]

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Happy Fourth of July

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Day 4- Ogallala to COPPER!

click here We awoke somewhat rested, and eagerly dressed and packed our things. The drive across the prairies was taking longer than anticipated and we were eager to arrive at our destination. We amused ourselves by singing loudly as we sped down the 80 west, squinting to try and see the rockies in the distance. After what seemed like an eternity, we crossed through Denver and headed for the hills. Apparently we weren’t the only ones, and no sooner had we thought […]

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Day 3- Chicago to…Ogalalla? Yesterday we departed in the wee hours, from Chicago. Or at least we tried. Ultimately though, Google maps had other plans and we drove around in circles for over an hour trying to find the 80. Eventually, we did find it and were on the road. And on and on and on. I drove for over 12 hours again before we switched off drivers … I’m not terribly comfortable with strangers driving my car, but I guess it depends on […]

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Thanks for having me Moriah! XOXO

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Day 2- Chicago Top priority today was securing a US phone number and internet access. Which I did, but my internet is  s  l  o  w. Amazing, how last year I thought 3G was just fine and now it feels like dial-up. Serendipitously, Chicago recently installed Divvy, a bike sharing system, exactly like Montreal’s Bixi! After numerous customer service calls I was able to check out a bike and roll through Chicago. I enjoyed myself immensely. Until I found myself at the intersection […]

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Day 1- Ottawa-Chicago Phew, 13 hours, 1273 km (that’s 800 miles) and a very nosy border guard later I am in Chicago at the perfectly beautiful, cozy home of my long-lost friend Moriah. Thanks to the great snacks my momma packed for me, I didn’t stop much. I hate to say there isn’t much to see along the 401, or in Michigan. Also, a saw a sign that read “PRISON AREA DO NOT PICK UP HITCHHIKERS”. So I stayed in the car. Total […]

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I should be packing…but:

watch And here I am on the eve of my great adventure. Seven weeks on the road is a long time. Now, view as the journey draws near I am trying to think of the best advice I could give myself, and you, for your first, or 6th Wanderlust adventure. One of my concerns was that since I had such an amazing experience last year, I went with my best friend, I discovered this amazing place, and I couldn’t believe how […]

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Going on a roadtrip!

optionbit com I’ve always had a fascination for driving, physician long before I had a license. I tried even tried golf, prostate mostly because I wanted to drive the cart around. The summer I did finally get my license, I drove across Canada, from Halifax to Vancouver. I loved it. Since flying makes me uncomfortable, the road trip has always been my transport of choice when possible.  It emphasizes the notion that the journey is the destination. It feels much more like […]

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Wanderlust Part 1- Vermont

follow site The journey begins in Stratton Mountain, Vermont. I almost had to miss this amazing debut because the final weekend of me teacher training at Naada yoga in Montreal (they’re coming to Wanderlust Tremblant, don’t miss it!) fell on the same dates. However, I found a crazy adventurer companion to do both with me, and we were set. Vermont is beautiful, Wanderlust is amazing, what can I say? I packed to much fun into 3 days, these are the highlights: Yoga […]

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