Day 30-Seattle to Vancouver I was oh so stoked to be heading back to Canada. I don’t know why, since everything is more expensive.  But it just feels like home. I also had a travel buddy, who put me up at his mom’s place about an hour from Seattle, and we drove together to Vancouver. I opted for the scenic route, mostly because I really wanted to take a ferry. And scenic it was. It was lovely to see beautiful Vancouver, and my beautiful […]

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när blir Sildenafil Citrate billigare Portland, Portland, Portland. I love Portland. I don’t know if it is because while I am here, I have the great honour and pleasure of assisting MC Yogi, Amanda, and DJ Drez on their tour, or if the city is just that awesome. I love it. The houses, colourful and unique, each one of them. The food, the food carts, the people, friendly and open and good looking (and good at yoga too, from what I saw). The extreme bike […]

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dove si compra un opzione I was sick of driving by the time I rolled into Eureka. I was a coastal town, and I must say it didn’t really live up to its name. I couchsurfed, rather house-surfed because he gave me the master bedroom with private bathroom. The house was beautiful, and he had a beautiful garden. He was very kind, and made me dinner and told me about his girlfriend who had moved to New Mexico. Really it was all good until he […]

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San Francisco

buscar mujeres solteras en colombia San Francisco was much prettier, viagra sale and colder than I had expected. After the weeks of Califrornia heat, I was surprised to put on long pants and a sweater. I stayed with a lovely young couple, whom I met through Couchsurfing. We went out for a dinner of tacos) this seems to be a big thing in SF) and then to a sweet bar called the Hideout for fancy cocktails. I was very proud of myself for rising early […]

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Sivananda Ashram and Yoga Farm

trade 212 opzioni binarie Do you know what a puja is? Well, now I do. It’s a ceremony where gods and gurus are honoured, from what I gather. When I checked in to the Ashram for a 24hour Yoga Vacation, the kindly woman at the desk gushed excitedly that I was lucky, for I was here on a  puja night! It went until 10:30 pm, and we were meant to be up at 5:30 for 6 am Satsang. I asked if it would be […]

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Part 3- Wanderlust Squaw Valley, California!

buy cheapest metformin Squaw Valley, California, is the mother of all Wanderlust Festivals, both literally and figuratively. It is the first of the Wanderlust Festivals, five years ago. Since Wanderlust is just 4 days of awesomeness I find it hard to blog as I go. Instead, I look back on it quickly and mention a few highlights. Let’s say 10. 1- The HOUSE! I stayed in a house with other wayfarers, hike leaders, photographer and generally a bunch of cool people. Sharing a […]

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Pre Festival Madness!

il trading online funziona I slept soundly and awoke to sunlight filtering through the windows and the sound of the creek outside the window. Lake Tahoe is absolutely beautiful. I had never even heard of it before Wanderlust, seek and like so many of the beautiful locales I have visited, vcialis 40mg I plan to come back. I headed to the Wanderlust on sit office to see if I could lend a hand with set up, stuff and I did. It was so much […]

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Day 16 – Sequoia to Tahoe I don’t think I’ve ever been as thankful for a new day as I was the day after I (sort of) slept in my car in Sequoia. It was a beautiful day, and I washed up and made myself  a quick breakfast and coffee and was headed to Kings Canyon and Grant Grove. I took a short walk around the big trees, and headed out. I had intended to stay two days in Sequoia, but after my close encounters I […]

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Bears and Big Trees!

enter site If you know me, then you know I have two modes: hyper efficient and daddle. As I packed up my stuff and headed out of LA, I was on daddle. By the time I finally had everything in the car and headed out it was past noon, and very hot. I still needed to see the sign, get a gas cap, and battle traffic. Distances seem to be stretching longer than Google maps advises, by the time I made it […]

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Hollywood sign! On the way out of LA I followed my gps as it led me, adiposity winding, erectile through impossibly small roads in the Hollywood hills. I was rewarded by a decent view of the sign. Thank goodness for the GPS, though, because it would have been impossible to find without it. The last baywatch style one is a blooper, as I ran back to the camera, but I thought it was a keeper.

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